About Basile Bazina

Through both his work and his life experiences, East Coast-based humanitarian Mr. Basile Bazina strives to help people with socioeconomic disadvantages find resources that cater to their special, individual needs and help them get back on their feet. Mr. Basile Bazina is the Care Manager for CFFC/BAMSI (Coordinated Family Focus Care), located in Brockton, MA. The environment at CFFC/BAMSI is extremely team-oriented, and Basile Bazina and the other staff members unite in their common goal to assist others. Basile Bazina and the rest of the team members at CFFC/BAMSI provide people of all nationalities, genders, and age groups with top-notch counseling services and support. Though Mr. Basile Bazina has only been with CFFC/BAMSI since July 2008, he has already made a significant impact on the human services organization and the Brockton community. Mr. Basile Bazina, who is a talented public speaker, is fluent in both English and French and speaks several African languages, including Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda, and Kirundi. Basile Bazina also has the ability to read and understand Spanish. Because of his unique multilingual abilities, Mr. Basile Bazina is able to communicate effectively with people from various backgrounds. Before he became a Care Manager at CFFC/BAMSI, Mr. Basile Bazina was a hard-working student at Notre Dame College in Manchester, New Hampshire. At Notre Dame, Basile Bazina chose to study education and counseling, two subjects that are extremely relevant to his current position at CFFC/BAMSI. During his time as a student at Notre Dame College, Mr. Basile Bazina played soccer, was involved with Amnesty International, and received the honor of being named in Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities. After nearly three years of dedicated study, Basile Bazina earned his Master of Education degree from Notre Dame College in summer 1994.


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